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Sue Horowitz
Heart-Opening Lyrical Folk

With a voice as warm as honey whiskey, and a vibe as confident as a tree with deep roots, Sue Horowitz writes songs about everyday struggles and joys and makes them meaningful and resonant. Her stories in song are poignant, heart-felt, hilarious, rousing, timely and timeless. In addition to her solo career, Sue has joined forces with the rising Ithaca-based band Autumn Sun.

With one foot planted firmly in the spiritual Jewish music world, and the other in the singer-songwriter world, Sue has 15 years of national touring experience, from large festivals to congregations to intimate house concerts. This Ithaca, NY and York Beach, ME artist has 5 albums of original music, and her latest album, "Strings, Wings and Curious Things", topped the Folk Radio Charts. Sue‘s sound is a blend of Americana and Folk, while also drawing influences from blues and classic rock, making each song unique.

Radio Play: Strings, Wings and Curious Things album debuted at #3 on FAI charts, Sue Horowitz charted as Artist at #4 on FAI charts, January single charted at #2 and #4 on FAI charts, several other charting singles. Featured performer: Jon Stein‘s Hootenanny Café, Home Brew, Jewish Rock Radio

Songwriting: Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (w/Jillian Matundan) ("Fall in New England")- Finalist and Honorable mention, POSI Awards Finalist (w/Kyra Goldman) ("Won't Always Be This Way"), Commissioned Song, Women Cantor‘s Network 2021 ("Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof, Justice You Shall Pursue") Publications: Ruach, CCAR Haggadah, CCAR Haggadah Supplement (w/Alden Solovy), Complete Jewish Songbook for Children, Jewish Songs of Protest and Hope, Kol Isha Songbook

Leadership: Sue Horowitz is the founder and facilitator of the Jewish Songwriting Cooperative Retreat, which runs both on-line and in-person every year since 2018. She has served on the faculty of Shabbat Shira songwriting retreat as well. In addition to co-producing her own albums, Sue has co-produced several wonderful artists as well including Michael Miller 2019, David Rothberg 2022, upcoming Kyra Goldman/Tracy Friend and Angie Berlin Friedman.

Notable Appearances: Official Showcase SERFA, Club Passim, Finalist- Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, DJ Showcases at NERFA and FARM, John Platt‘s On Your Radar Rockwood Music Hall, Colorscapes Festival (with Autumn Sun Band), opener for Vance Gilbert

"Sue Horowitz is one of the finest songwriters I know. She has that rare ability to get inside a situation or a character and tell a story without sounding preachy or trite, all while bringing the listener in and not letting them go. Her new album, "Strings, Wings and Curious Things" dances across the Folk and Americana genres, from the hard-driving "Big Town Small Town" and "Rough" to the sublime "Angels" and "Bit of String" to the Motown-flavored gem "Won't Always Be This Way". Sue is a kickass guitar player, with solid rhythm and fingerpicking chops, and is blessed with a clear, warm alto voice. She sounds like an old friend, and I always look forward to hearing more from this blossoming singer-songwriter."
-Eric Kilburn, Producer and Singer-Songwriter
"When Sue Horowitz gave a concert for my community, many had not yet heard much about her. By the time the concert was over, she had become the most beloved person on the planet. Her music, at times bittersweet, at times uplifting, at times funny and thoroughly entertaining, was a delight at every turn. Sue sings the stories of our own lives with her warm voice, her rich guitar, and her genuine heart. I am so very glad that I brought her to my community."
-Ilana Axel, Cantorial Leader
"Sue Horowitz put on an unforgettable show last Saturday… big things for her ahead!! Since her move to New York, she had released a killer new CD which is charting with the best!!! Her beautifully crafted lyrics and memorable melodies are woven together with perfection."
-Brent Stockton, Vangarde Arts


Chansons au Chateau

Come Join Sue and Sloan in France and be inspired as we immerse ourselves in the art-making of songs and story and explore our creativity together at the Chateau du Pin. It will be a retreat week of discovery, delicious meals, french wine, songwriting playshops, tea-time feedback sessions, opportunities to share at evening open stages and creating community.

Chansons au Chateau Site

In-Person JSCR Summer

The Jewish Songwriting Cooperative Retreat is a 4-day summer songwriting retreat that focuses on composing Jewish music. You will have quiet writing time, collaborate with other songwriters, record, and engage in workshops in a supportive, non-competitive environment. There will be multiple opportunities to share your music during song swaps, tefillah, open stages, etc. There are opportunities for teaching as well. This retreat is different from other Jewish music retreats in that it is not faculty-driven, but rather a true cooperative where we can support and encourage each other in our creative efforts. There is nothing like a small in-person retreat filled with music and spirit!


On-Line JSCR Winter

The Jewish Songwriting Cooperative Retreat is a 3-day winter retreat over Zoom that focuses on composing Jewish music. It is similar to the in-person retreat, in that you will have quiet writing time, collaborate with other songwriters, record, and engage in workshops in a supportive, non-competitive environment. There will be multiple opportunities to share your music during song swaps, tefillah, open stages, etc. There are opportunities for teaching as well. If you are not a fan of on-line retreats, I encourage you to give this one a try-it is surpisingly enriching.

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Eleven Doors Open

Eleven Doora Open Cover

Includes Hinei Mah Tov, L'cha Dodi, L'dor Vador, Adonai S'fatai, Pitchu Li, Y'varechecha, Mah Tovu, Y’hiyu L’Ratzon, Shehecheyanu, Sh'ma, and Havah Nashira

In the Water

In The Water Cover

Includes Yotzeir Or, Shir Halleluyah, Hashkiveinu, Shine A Light (Or Chadash), Sim Shalom, Traveler's Prayer, In The Water (Mi Chamocha), Mah Yafeh Hayom, Gesher Tsar M'od, Shalom Rav, and Both Sides Now

Hope and Healing

Hope and healing Cover


By Donation Only-Contact Sue

The Power and the Blessing

The Power and the Blessing Cover

Includes Shiru L'Adonai, Be the Change, By the Rivers, Teach the Children, Here I Am, Havdalah, Pass It On, Sarah's Song, Teacher's Blessing, A Woman of Valor, and Barchu.

Notes from the Garrison

Notes from the Garrison Cover

Includes Reunion, Peace Song, There is Hope, Waiting, If Only, Neverwhen, Holy Place, The Ballad of Hank and June, Shoot Me Now, Rain, and One Who Knows

Strings, Wings & Curious Things

Strings, Wings and Curious Things Cover

Includes Step On The Gas, Angel Oak, Bit Of String, Rough, Won't Always Be This Way (W / Kyra Goldman), Angels, Stones In My Pocket, Big Town/Small Town, Honey Whiskey, You Fit Me, and January

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