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Strings, Wings, and Curious Things CD $18

Eleven Doors Open Album Cover

Includes Step On The Gas, Angel Oak, Bit Of String, Rough, Won't Always Be This Way (W / Kyra Goldman), Angels, Stones In My Pocket, Big Town/Small Town, Honey Whiskey, You Fit Me, and January

Notes From The Garrison CD $18

Notes From The Garrison Album Cover

Includes Reunion, Peace Song, There is Hope, Waiting, If Only, Neverwhen, Holy Place, The Ballad of Hank and June, Shoot Me Now, Rain, and One Who Knows

The Power and The Blessing CD $18

The Power and The Blessing

Includes Shiru L'Adonai, Be the Change, By the Rivers, Teach the Children, Here I Am, Havdalah, Pass It On, Sarah's Song, Teacher's Blessing, A Woman of Valor, and Barchu.

In The Water CD $18

In The Water Album Cover

Includes Yotzeir Or, Shir Halleluyah, Hashkiveinu, Shine A Light (Or Chadash), Sim Shalom, Traveler's Prayer, In The Water (Mi Chamocha), Mah Yafeh Hayom, Gesher Tsar M'od, Shalom Rav, and Both Sides Now

Eleven Doors Open CD $18

Eleven Doors Open Album Cover

Includes Hinei Mah Tov, L'cha Dodi, L'dor Vador, Adonai S'fatai, Pitchu Li, Y'varechecha, Mah Tovu, Y’hiyu L’Ratzon, Shehecheyanu, Sh'ma, and Havah Nashira

Eleven Doors Open CD + In The Water CD + The Power and The Blessing CD $36

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Hope & Healing CD

Hope & Healing Cover

Only available by donation.

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A Woman of Valor PDF $4

Adonai S'fatai PDF $4

By the Rivers of Babylon PDF $4

Hashkiveinu PDF $4

Here I Am PDF $4

In The Water PDF $4

L'cha Dodi PDF $4

Mah Yafeh Hayom PDF $4

Pass It On PDF $4

Peace Song PDF $4

Pitchu Li PDF $4

Shalom Rav PDF $4

Shine A Light PDF $4

Shir Halleluyah PDF $4

There Is Hope PDF $4

Y’hiyu L’Ratzon PDF $4

Yotzeir Or PDF $4

Y'varechecha PDF $4