"Sue Horowitz was born to write songs. Each time I hear one her new creations, that thought comes to my mind. Her beautifully crafted lyrics and memorable melodies are woven together with perfection. Each one, a work of art in itself, stirs my emotions. Her tender, gentle songs make me think and feel deeply about subjects she carefully explores. Her humorous ones keep me smiling and sometimes laughing out loud. And her uptempo songs get me moving, tapping and feeling lighter...freer from the stress of the day. Sue is the songwriter that writes songs every other songwriter wishes they had written."
Stacy Beyer, Nashville Songwriter
"Bobby Jo and Sue have both the Spirit and the songs that bring us back to believing. Whatever our faiths, They have the humor, compassion, words, and music to help us believe again."
Dar Williams, Singer-Songwriter
"Person after person said the weekend with Sue and EJ was our best program in a decade."
Paul Solyn, Executive Director, Jewish Federation Twin Tiers
"What is the name of the holy sound of voice and guitar singing as one, praying as one? What is the name of the holy sound that fills a space and makes it sacred?'Sue Horowitz'."
Nancy Sohn Swartz, Author, Educator
"The songs she writes speak to so many aspects of my life and I'm sure the lives of others. And if that weren't enough, when she opens her mouth to sing, I am always mesmerized and immediately drawn in to the stories she weaves through her music. May she continue to bless us with her gifts."
Ellen Allard, Recording Artist, Performer, Musician, Composer
"Sue Horowitz is an engaging and thoughtful writer, injecting humor and earnest storytelling into her music. Sue's music is reminiscent of James Taylor and Harry Chapin while evoking more modern influences like Dar Williams and Patty Griffin. Her performances are almost nostalgic, bringing you instantly back to the days sitting around a campfire, singing your favorite folk songs. Sue has toured all over the country, creating warm and cozy singing communities wherever she goes."
Marissa Levy Lerer, Singer-Songwriter
"Grace, humor, humility and incredible talent; those are just a few adjectives that I would use to describe my colleague Sue Horowitz. I have had the privilege of working with Sue over many years and each and every time, I am inspired and uplifted by her music and spirit. As a singer/songwriter, Sue is able to write about so many important elements of life; her songs inspire and move the heart. Sue also has an incredible sense of humor and is a wonderful story-teller. I know that members of Congregation Shalom actually start talking about her visits weeks ahead of time and the common sentiment is: 'I love Sue'."
Rabbi Shoshanah Perry, Congregation Shalom, Chelmsford, MA
"Sue Horowitz has graced our Bimah for several years. In addition to her pure-voiced singing and self-accompaniment, she brings a spiritual element to her presence in schul. She has a Kavanah, a Divine intention, in each prayer that she offers in the service. Our congregants have made her part of our family, and she has made us part of her life. Her modest demeanor, willingness to adapt and create for special occasions and her immense talent make her a highlight of any program."
Rabbi David Grossman, Temple Beth Am, Randolph, MA