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Susan Horowitz is a singer-songwriter and folk guitar player who lives in coastal Maine. Book Sue Horowitz to come and perform or lead a spiritual event. Please feel free to explore this website to see and hear Sue Horowitz, and find out more.

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URJ Press Releases

URJ Response to Arson Attack on Joseph's Tomb: Time for an Immediate End to Violent Attacks

Reform Jewish Movement Sends Largest Delegation to Jerusalem for World Zionist Congress, in Solidarity with Am Yisrael at a Time of Brutal Terror Attacks

Delegates to Advocate for Peace, Equality, and Religious Pluralism in Israel

URJ Calls for Sincere Political Negotiations and An End to the Escalating Violence in Jerusalem

Without a political horizon that will lead to a just solution for both peoples, and without the Israeli and Palestinian leadership coming together to sincerely engage in negotiations that will lead out of this cycle of violence, the violence will continue and deepen.

Sue Horowitz has been singing professionally as both a solo musician and a band member for decades. Her musical influences include Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. She has a large collection of songs that highly appeal to baby boomers. She has sung at festivals, pubs and parties, and would love a chance to sing at your venue.

Sue Horowitz writes songs that are meant to be enjoyed and make people want to sing along. Sue has 3 terrific CDs that are must-haves in a Jewish music collection: Eleven Doors Open, In The Water, and The Power And The Blessing. Her music is appropriate for many settings, including camp, synagogues, and your car stereo! Her engaging presence and spiritual music captivate worshipers and audiences of all ages.

Sue Horowitz has a new partnership with EJ Cohen, considered the premier ASL interpreter of Jewish music. They create worship, concert and education experiences that are a beautiful merging of sight and sound.

If you would like Sue to perform at your event or function, CONTACT her.

Buy Sue's CDs and sheet music on the PURCHASE page.

Check out Seth Rogovoy's review in the Berkshire Jewish Voice (Page 5).