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Strings, Things, and Curious Things Album CoverStrings, Things, and Curious Things Album Cover Sue Horowitz Dates Sue Horowitz Dates

About Sue

*Strings, Wings and Curious Things debuted at #3 on the FAI charts.

*Single January debuted at #4 on the FAI charts

*Single January charted #2 single on FAI charts

*Sue Horowitz charted as artist at #4 on the FAI charts

*Finalist, 2022 Emerging Artist Grassy Hill Artist Showcase

*Finalist- Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest

*Featured artist at the 2019 NERFA and 2022 FARM DJ Showcases

*Published in RUACH, CCAR Hagaddah, Chazak V'Ematz/Jewish Songs of Protest and Hope, Manginot, WCN Anthology

*Featured radio artist, Jewish Rock Radio, Hootenanny Cafe, Home Brew

Currently located in both Ithaca, NY and York Beach, ME, Sue is a touring singer-songwriter with a story to tell. She's the founder and creator of the Jewish Songwriting Cooperative retreat, and loves to lead songwriting workshops. Her authentic, intimate, clear strong voice and guitar playing compliment her wise narrative songwriting. Christine Lavin says, This is one first-rate songwriter. Stacy Beyer notes, Sue is the songwriter that writes songs every other songwriter wishes they had written

When Sue Horowitz gave a concert for my community, many had not yet heard much about her. By the time the concert was over, she had become the most beloved person on the planet. Her music, at times bittersweet, at times uplifting, at times funny and thoroughly entertaining, was a delight at every turn. Sue sings the stories of our own lives with her warm voice, her rich guitar, and her genuine heart. I am so very glad that I brought her to my community.
- Ilana Axel, Cantorial Leader
Sue Horowitz put on an unforgettable show last Saturday… big things for her ahead!! Since her move to New York, she had released a killer new CD which is charting with the best!!! Her beautifully crafted lyrics and memorable melodies are woven together with perfection.
-Brent Stockton, Vangarde Arts